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Environmental Services

With a fleet of trucks that spans all over the eastern half of the country covering 27 states, Midwest Gas safely collects waste gasoline and diesel from hundreds of locations using the safest and most economical methods. Midwest Gas is your most reliable and trusted partner.

Hazardous Waste

Midwest Gas protects your company from the liability resulting from handling recycling & disposal.

Hazardous Vacuum Services

Midwest Gas will pump out hazmat liquids from your gas station while ensuring proper disposal of your waste through our industry leading service.

Own A Gas Station?

Contact us for any of your pump out needs and learn how we can help increase your revenue.

What Is Fuel Recovery?

Fuel recovery is an innovative process that allows forward-thinking companies like Midwest Gas to take surplus recovered fuel from our clients and recycle them back to usability. Our entire process is both conscious to safety and environmental standards, ensuring that all fuel is handled with the most regulated level of care.


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Why Midwest Gas?

- Largest reclaimed fuel experts
- Commitment to Service
- No Contracts
- Experienced Drivers
- Licensed & Insured in over 25 states


Our number one priority is making sure all fuel is transferred from our client's facilities to our drop-off points using the most secure methods in the industry. Our drivers are rigorously trained to value the safety and integrity of the fuel they carry.


We take pride in our goal of extending the usable life of recovered fuel, providing value to what was once a liability.

Increase Revenue

Take advantage of your reclaimed fuel. Rather than spending money on expensive waste disposal processes, let us handle your excess fuel.

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